Annual Report 2009
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Corporate Profile

Bio Osmo Berhad was incorporated in Malaysia under the Act on 13 July 2006 as private limited company under the name of Bio Osmo Sdn Bhd. Our Company was subsequently converted into a public limited company and assumed our present name on 24 January 2007. Our Company was incorporated as an investment holding company whereby our wholly-owned subsidiary, Amshore Holdings Sdn Bhd is involved in the processing, manufacturing, and selling of drinking water.

Amshore was established in 1998 by the Founder as a manufacturer of fresh and concentrated fruit juice products. Realising that the bottled RO water market offered significantly more growth opportunities due to larger target markets as well as higher profit margins compared to concentrated fruits juice products. Amshore had in 2001 shifted its business focus from the production of fresh and concentrated juice varieties to bottled RO water. The conversion process took place in the first quarter of 2001 with minimal difficulty as both types of products utilize similar manufacturing processes and machineries.

We currently have a customer base of over 400 local and overseas customers which are mainly agents and wholesalers. Our principal markets are Malaysia and Singapore:

Our brand of RO water, “ YES 1968 “ is currently sold in Malaysia via agents and wholesalers with wide market coverage, especially in Klang Valley, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang. In addition, we also provide OEM services to customers in Malaysia, which in turn distribute our bottled RO water under several private labels.

For the Singaporean market, we provide OEM services to our customers and our RO water is distributed by our customer, which are mainly wholesalers, under their own brand name in Singapore. These wholesalers have long established distribution networks and in-depth knowledge of their own local markets within Singapore. Our bottled RO water is currently sold under separate private labels and are marketed by several wholesalers in Singapore.

We believe that our Group’s competitive strengths are as follows:

• Established Customer Base.
• Established Marketing and Distribution Network.
• Integrated Production Facilities and Services to Customers.
• Competitive Pricing.
• Emphasis on Quality and Safety Standards.
• Continued Commitment in Products Development.